Live webinar May 4th, 2021 | 11 AM (Israel)

AWS Automated Optimization - From Containers to Savings Plans & RIs

Join us for a live technical session to learn how automation can help you continuously optimize your AWS cloud infrastructure. We’ll cover the biggest challenges of cloud infra management, and demonstrate how Spot solutions are helping customers such as IBM, Ticketmaster, Nice Systems, Fiverr and WallaShops save up to 90% on their cloud compute costs!

  • Container-driven autoscaling and bin-packing for best fit between pods and nodes
  • Leveraging optimal blend of EC2 instance types, sizes and pricing models
  • Cost allocation and visibility for Kubernetes workloads
  • Properly sizing pods and task requirements
  • Leveraging the AWS RI Marketplace for long-term pricing without long-term lock-in
  • Get a FREE voucher for a delicious delivery to enjoy during the session


david dekel image

David Dekel

Senior Account Executive
Spot by NetApp
michael levitt image

Michael Levit

Sales Engineer
Spot by NetApp
Yoav Pic

Yoav Land

ISV Success Manager
Amazon Web Services


11 AM (Israel) | Tuesday, May 4th