Live Webinar October 14th | 10 am PDT

Provision, manage and scale Kubernetes on any cloud with Pulumi and Spot

With Pulumi you can easily provision Kubernetes resources on any cloud and take advantage of the optimization capabilities of Spot Ocean. This enables end-to-end, fully automated deployments that are both scalable and cost effective.

What you'll learn:

  • Using modern programming languages to define Kubernetes resources across clouds.
  • How to automate deployments and scaling
  • Tips for managing Kubernetes costs


Amit Bar Oz

Amit Baroz

Solution Architect
Spot by NetApp
Paul Stack Pulumi

Paul Stack

Engineering Manager

10 AM (PDT) | October 14th

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10:00 am
Spot Intro
Amit Baroz
10:10 am
Pulumi Intro
Paul Stack
10:30 am
How the two work together
Amit Baroz
10:35 am
Live Demo
Paul Stack
10:45 am
Amit Baroz