March 1st - 11th

Preparing for lift off: Accelerating your Cloud

Standardize and scale best practices for optimizing usage and utilization of AWS infrastructure and platform services, including Well-Architected Review.

Spot enables AWS customers to consume more AWS services and grow faster in AWS at scale. Register for Spots AWS SKO Series 2022.

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Together with CloudCheckr join us to learn how we help solve:

  • Operations complexity
  • Lack of visibility
  • Governance

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Spot Ocean

Serverless infrastructure engine for containers

Free your DevOps with automated Kubernetes infrastructure that dramatically reduces cloud costs and overhead.

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Spot Elastigroup

Your cloud - up to 90% less cost with zero overhead.

Reliably run mission-critical workloads–both stateless and stateful–on an optimal blend of spot, reserved and on-demand pricing models.

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Spot Eco

Reserved Instance and Savings Plans optimization

Automate RI and Savings Plans optimization for maximum utilization and ROI with zero financial lock-in and risk.

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Official Event:

Accelerate SKO Series

Join our live interactive series, taking place over 2 weeks and hear directly from other AWS reps. Learn how Spot - now with CloudCheckr - and AWS work together to provide value to customers, and help them scale, and adopt products faster and more efficiently.

All attendees have chances to win Door Dash gift cards up to $100. In addition, one lucky winner will take home the grand prize, a Peloton bike.

Attend 2 sessions = $25 Doordash
Attend 3 sessions = $50 Doordash
Attend 4 sessions = $100 Doordash & Chance to Win Peloton Bike

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Join our Partner Sessions & Find us on the AWS Marketplace!

Partner Sessions

Meet with one of our  cloud experts during our Partner Session with Spot & CloudChecker to answer any of your questions, plus get a tip or two to cut your AWS cloud bill.

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AWS Marketplace Offers

Spot by NetApp suite of solutions provides automated optimization to continuously right-size your infrastructure, maximize utilization and leverage the most cost-efficient compute resources available.

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Profiting with Partners: Working with MSPs to Drive Healthy Growth

March 2nd | 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

Managed service providers are a key enabler within the AWS ecosystem, serving as a bridge between customers and the cloud. This session will address how partner teams can work with MSPs this year to jointly deliver the AWS services that meet organizations’ growing and evolving IT needs – while ensuring MSP’s own businesses remain healthy and profitable in an increasingly competitive environment.

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Accelerating Cloud-Native Customers with CloudOps

March 1st | 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

As they migrate to and build in the cloud, customers are moving to restructure their applications to take full advantage of the cloud. Whether it’s scale-out applications running in EC2 instances or microservices running on Kubernetes, giving customers the solutions to operate and grow in the cloud is key to their success. In this session we’ll share how Spot by NetApp solutions for cloud operations are helping customers accelerate adoption of AWS infrastructure services, from compute services including EC2 Spot, Reserved Instances and Savings Plans to cloud-native infrastructure services including ECS and EKS.


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Winning the WAR: Selling the Value of Well Architected Framework Review

March 3rd | 11 am PT / 2 pm ET

The AWS Well Architected Framework Review (WAR) offers significant benefits for both IT organizations and service providers. However, customers and partners often do not fully understand its value and how to most efficiently incorporate it into ongoing operations. This session will share best practice for positioning WAR and tools to help drive initial customer adoption and continuous usage beyond infrequent reviews.

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